In 2010, facing budget constraints, NASA contracted with Horizon – A multi-billion dollar corporation in the same vein as Virgin, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and others. Horizon dumped 10.5 Billion dollars of its own resources into the Ark – A sustainable scientific platform which was built in space and completed in 2017. The Ark's primary goal was to create sustainable conditions for a journey to Mars, with a compliment of 525 people – scientists, officials, staff, and a lottery open to every participating country for every walk of life in order to draw a wide assortment of people in order to study the average joe and how they would react in space. When the Ark was completed and the prospective 'astronauts' were chosen, the Ark was launched on January 1st, 2017.
 Caught in a solar storm during the August 21st Solar Eclipse, the Ark mysterious reappeared in Earth's orbit eight months later, breaking up into six sections which fell at different points. Horizon and Government leaders immediate responded, recovering well over 455 of the Ark's voyagers….and discovering something had happened to them. With no memory of what happened during that eight months, the Ark Voyagers found that they were different…some physically different, others possessing powers that had only existed in comic books and mythology.

A New Horizon